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Signature Cocktails

  • 25 a’Chuimrigh fodha
    Remy Martin 1738, Widder vermouth mix, cherry heering, honey, kirsch, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut
    smooth, rich, bubbly
  • 25 Peaches Scent
    peach edible paint, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut
    bellini tribute, sparkling
  • 24 Aksakal Punch
    Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 years, lime juice, orgeat, pimento dram, mandarin napoleon. goss cake, honey
    soft, nutty, acid, smooth
  • 24 Bavarian Barbarian
    Glenfiddich 12 years, Pussanga, white vermouth mix, lager beer, Swiss Mountain Spring Ginger Beer
    bitter, malty, bubbly, spicy
  • 25 Blue Note
    Woodford Rye & Remy Martin 1738, neroli syrup, pandan bitter, water
    flowery, rich, exotic
  • 25 Mr. Geza
    Four Roses infused camomile, milk oolong tea infused amontillado sherry, white balsamico vinegar
    complex, slightly acid, intense
  • 25 Dolce Amara Sorpresa
    Fernet Branca, homemade orgeat, fresh lime juice
    bitter, sweet & sour, nutty
  • 25 Think Twice, sometimes is useful
    Zacapa 23 years, burnt spend coffee infused Widder vermouth, banana skin oleo saccharum
    deep, smooth, exotic
  • 25 (P)or(c)o Rosso
    Mount Gay Black Barrel Cachaca milk wash, salty saffron caramel
    smooth, salty caramel, complex, exotic

Also as non alcoholic version available | 16

  • 24 Dirty Treat
    Absolut Elyx, white choclate liquor, white vermouth mix, light brine
    savoury, complex light sweetness, smooth
  • 24 Scottish Rose
    Botanist Gin, homemade rose cordial
    floral, intense, strong
  • 20 こもりうた(Komori-uta)
    Hendricks Eden Rose Liquor, Swiss Mountain Spring Soda
    floral, bubbly, light
  • 35 Sensory Game+
    Glenfiddich 21 years, disarded citrus oleo saccharum
    fresh, herbal and fruity, complex, spiciness
  • 25 Dirac
    1800 Blanco Tequila, fennel, apricot, mandarin essence cordial
    fresh, herbal and fruity, complex, spiciness
  • 24 Wake up in a Swiss field
    Jsotta Vermouth, cold brew milk wash, chilli sauce, chocolate bitter
    light, coffee aroma, creamy
  • 24 Haloa Scotland
    Talisker 10 years, spicy mango sherbet, Swiss Mountain Spring Ginger Ale
    spicy, fresh, fruity, smoky
  • 25 Bolle di Magadino
    Delta Gin infused celery, coconut water cordial, apple juice, co2 charged
    fresh, summery, sparkling
  • 24 Back to the roots
    Koskenkorva Organic Vodka, blackberries & beetroot cordial, midi aperitivo, chartreuse aroma
    fruity, light, complex, vegan

The Living Circle – est un groupe d'hôtels et de restaurants de première classe triés sur le volet, situés dans les plus beaux endroits imaginables et dirigés par des hôtes passionnés. Riz, légumes, fruits et bien sûr vin ainsi que d’autres produits nobles: tous ces produits frais proviennent du jardin de notre propre ferme pour arriver directement sur votre table. Voici notre définition du luxe. Voici ce qu’est The Living Circle – un luxe nourri par la nature.

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