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Signature Cocktails

  • 25 Persefone
    Widder rum mix, mint cordial, angostura bitters, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut
    refreshing, bubbly & herbal
  • 25 Madame Cassis
    Jsotta rose vermouth, cassis, elderflower, verjus, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut
    Floral, bubbly & light
  • 20 Pink Coat
    Tequila or Mezcal, rhubarb cordial, Martini bitters, pink pepper
    Intense, peppery, sour & elegant
  • 22 Roch Sifredi
    Mezcal, passion fruit, wasabi, bitters
    Fruity, hot & light smoke
  • 20 God of Water
    Hendrick's Neptunia, Goss Cake, lime, gingerbread syrup, ginger ale
    citrusy, sparkling, floral & bitter
  • 24 Babe's Punch
    Delta Gin infused with verbena, pineapple, cherry, merlot syrup, lime, cynar
    complex, fruity & easy drink
  • 22 Mother's Recipe
    chocolate washed Bacardi 8 years, carrot cordial, caramelised coconut
    fruity, nutty & chocolaty
  • 24 Cacao Meravigliao
    Camus Cognac, chocolate, rasperries, orange
    dessert, rich, chocolaty & red berries
  • 22 Madinina Martinez
    Rhum Agricole, garden cress infused red Widder vermouth, banana oleo saccharum, bitters
    Smooth, herbal & intense
  • 25 Mario & Luigi
    Bacardi 8 years, pineapple, coconut, coffee bitters
    Exotic, fruity, light & clear
  • 25 Fruits'n'Roots
    Glenfiddich 12 years, Caol Ila 12 years, plum, ginger, apple, bitters
    Aromatic, round & smokey
  • 22 Spicy Breakfast
    Michter's Bourbon infused with peanut butter, apple, lemon, sugar, egg white
    Silky, nutty & spice
  • 20 Lovely Cerexia
    Marendry Bitter Amarena Fabbri, pink grparfruit, lime, hazelnut
    Fruity, nutty, bittersweet & sour
  • 20 Come as you are
    Tanqueray Ten, grapefruit infused milky oolong tea, clementine
    Citrusy, sour & velvety
  • 25 Last Minute Call
    Monkey Shoulder Smokey, jackfruit syrup, teriyaki sauce bitters
    Fruity, smoky & savoury
  • 20 Donna Verde
    1800 Bianco Tequila, tomato-maple cordial, sage infused apple juice
    Herbal, fruity, sparkling & light
  • 20 MO MO Mule
    Koskenkorva Vodka infused with cardamon, cinnamon Falernum, lime, ginger beer
    Winterly, fizzy & sour
  • 25 Mellow
    Camus Cognac, Woodford Rye, chestnut honey, bitters
    Strong, heavy & full body

The Living Circle – is a hand-picked group of first-class hotels and restaurants in incomparably beautiful locations, run by dedicated hosts. Rice, vegetables, fruit and a whole array of exquisite products – including wine, of course – is whisked fresh from our own farms directly to your table. That is how we define luxury. That is The Living Circle – luxury fed by nature.

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