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    Measures and safety concept


• All employees wear masks at all times
• Wash / disinfect hands regularly
• Hand disinfection stand in lobby 
• The minimum distance of 1.5m is maintained despite wearing masks
• Guests are kindly reminded of the obligation to wear masks.

Handling the Covid certificate with hotel guests

• Every guest over 16 years of age must be asked for a valid COVID-19 certificate upon arrival.
• Every person over 16 years of age will now receive a Guest Card with the expiry date of his or her COVID certificate or the date of departure in the case of vaccinated or recovering guests.
• Guests without a certificate may check into the hotel, the guest card will show "No certificate" instead of the date and these guests are not allowed to enter the indoor areas of the F&B outlets.
• Guests without 2G, are not allowed to stay in bar or club premises
• Outdoor areas may still be visited without a certificate
• Hotel guests are in any case obliged to wear a mask indoors
• The mask obligation does not apply sitting at the table
• The Internal Covid Passport, unless expired (date), will be treated the same as a Covid Certificate in the outlets.


• The employees wear masks during the entire working time.

• Disinfection of:
- Telephone receiver
- Remote control
- Fittings
- Ventilation control
- Door handles ect.
- Toilets
- Coat hanger
- Hair dryer
- Bedside tables
- Scales
- Coffee maker

• Compliance with distance control
• Flowers as usual
• Placement in hotel rooms with details of where all protective measures taken are listed, signature of the floor governor
• We also pay attention to the following during daily cleaning:
- Washing leather furniture with soapy water
- All door handles, handrails, telephones, lift buttons (front and back of the house) are disinfected 3 times a day.

All other standards regarding cleaning and disinfection are already automatically met by the applicable standards (ISO).

Front Office / Concierge

• floor markings in the lobby area to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m
• Limitation of the number of persons in the lobby by signposting for guests
• Masks and plastic gloves are available at any time (1 individually packed protective mask per person is available in the room upon arrival of the guests)
• Rooming only on request and with face mask, i.p. separate Lift / stairs / keep distance
• Regular disinfection of:
- Counter
- Telephone receiver, mouse
- Credit card terminals
- Pens (presentation of baskets / tray with disinfected pens for guests)
• Valet Parking with masks and plastic gloves
• Room key handover: disinfection in front of the guest's eyes and handover on a silver tray
• Info to guest, that please keep your keys with you
• Limousine transfer: Chauffeurs gloves and masks
• Information in the public space regarding distance control:
- in front of toilets
- Fitness
- For entrances / at the front office
• Checklists with the protective measures to be observed in each shift

Preventing infections: Washing your hands properly protects!

To remove pathogens, wash your hands thoroughly. This is done in five steps:

1. WETTING: Hold your hands under running water.

2. soaping all around: lather hands from all sides.

3. LEAVE TIME: Soaping thoroughly takes 20 to 30 seconds.

4. rinse thoroughly: Wash hands under running water.

5. DRY CAREFULLY: Dry hands with a clean cloth.

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