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    Measures and safety concept


The protection concept applies to the Widder Hotel, Storchen Zurich and Hotel Alex. The measures listed below must be observed by all establishments and employees. The cantonal authorities carry out strict controls. Company-specific measures, procedures and processes are defined and implemented for the individual hotels and restaurants. Legal hygiene and protection guidelines already in force must continue to be observed (e.g. in the food sector and for the general health protection of employees). In addition, all provisions of the Ordinance on Measures to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) apply. This protection concept is valid until revoked.

In the following, guest groups are those guests who arrived together or for whom a reservation was made together before the visit or on site. A guest group comprises 1 to a maximum of 50 people. The persons in a guest group are known to each other.

Employee Hygiene

• The generally applicable protective measures are consistently and exemplarily implemented by all employees, including in their private lives.
• All employees come to work with impeccable personal hygiene and wash their hands regularly. Avoid touching objects and surfaces if possible.
• The employee is obliged to report to the superior if he/she belongs to the risk group or feels ill. 
• The body temperature of the employees is measured randomly by the heads of department via General Manager office (Widder Hotel, Susanne Strömvall; Storchen Zürich, Raphael Pedroncelli; Hotel Alex, Daniel Weist). A measuring station with instruction manual is installed. The measured temperatures are entered in the list. If the temperature is too high, the supervisor is informed. The person concerned has to be sent home.
• Employees with signs of illness stay at home in any case.
• Handwashing and disinfection before starting work and continuously during opening hours, also after the following work: setting the table, folding napkins, polishing cutlery
• Leave the room to sneeze or cough, then wash and disinfect your hands. 
• There is no physical contact whatsoever (shaking hands etc.)
• Employees and other persons keep a distance of 1.5 meters between each other. This also applies to breaks in the canteen or to work with unavoidable distance under 1.5 metres. Employees should be exposed as minimally as possible by shortening the duration of contact and/or implementing appropriate protective measures.
• The length of stay in the canteen is limited to mealtime (approx. 30 minutes). The break is completed mainly outside in the fresh air.
• The protective masks are part of the uniform and are worn consistently by all employees in all areas. The employees are obliged to clean the masks daily.
• The used single use - masks and gloves are disposed of in a separate, specially marked waste bag, separate from normal waste.  
• The employee training courses are supervised and controlled by the respective security officer of the hotels. The information and training certificates of each individual employee are obtained via Human Ressources.

Daily Covid-19 tests

Unvaccinated employees, or employees without a certificate, carry out a self-test (mouth rinse/spit test) daily.
The material for this is distributed by the head of department, who can obtain it from the management office.

The following persons are exempt:
- All who have had a Corona infection in the last 3 months.
- All who have already been vaccinated
- Anyone who has cold symptoms or is feeling ill.

The exact test procedure is listed in a separate memo, which is accessible to every employee via Beekeeper.

Guest Hygiene

• Disinfection station at the entrance and indication of mask zone: 
- Stations for hand disinfection are available at the restaurant / hotel entrance. This station must be checked and refilled regularly. 
- For their own safety, guests shall wear a protective mask when entering the hotel and the interior rooms of the catering establishments, as well as during their entire stay in the guest areas, even if the guests can present a valid Covid certificate! In the restaurant businesses (indoor areas), the masks may be taken off at the table. In the outdoor areas, the mask requirement is waived. Checking of Covid certificates is also not obligatory in outdoor areas.

• Signs with information on guest hygiene in front of and inside the restaurant are clearly displayed. 
• Guests will be informed of the protective measures when entering the hotel or restaurant. Operation-specific procedures are defined and implemented in the individual restaurants. 
• In principle, no wardrobes are accepted from guests unless the regulations can be complied with. (e.g. La Rôtisserie Storchen)
• On arrival of the hotel guests we provide a protective mask.

Work at an unavoidable distance of 1.5 meters

• Employees throughout the company adhere strictly to the obligation to wear masks.
• Employees protect themselves by minimising their exposure during work by reducing the duration of contact and/or implementing appropriate protective measures.
• Protective masks and gloves are available for every employee. These must be changed at least every 2 hours, after which the hands must be washed thoroughly.

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